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Our consultancy has over 20 years experience in the commercial kitchens. Our consultants are chefs by trade and have a real passion for food. This provides us with a depth of knowledge to design the very best of commercial kitchens with a workflow from a chef’s point of view, in line with latest health and safety laws.

The three prime considerations concerning us when starting a kitchen design are:

Service requirement:
We consider the type of service the kitchen has to provide - how many are being served, whether it is a la carte menu, plated service, self-service, or cafeteria-style etc.

Space available:
Is the space allocated sufficient to fit in the equipment required?

We ascertain from the start an accurate idea of spend available.

Once we have a clear understanding of these considerations, the consultancy will structure the design around the service requirement, while satisfying the codes of practice of food hygiene and handling, and complying with statutory legislation.

The consultancy has close links with most of the market-leading catering manufactures; this ensures we keep abreast of all the latest developments. Additionally, through our extensive links we are able to help our clients get “best value” for all equipment purchases.

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