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Radford Chancellor

Independent Catering Consultancy

Radford Chancellor Ltd are experienced specialist, catering consultants providing independent practical advice and support to the Hospitality / Catering Industry and the Catering Equipment Industry.

We work with all types of businesses from small start-up operations, local and national government agencies to large international organisations.


Kitchen Design

Our consultancy has over 20 years experience in the commercial kitchens. Our consultants are chefs by trade and have a real passion for food.

Food Safety & HACCP

Radford Chancellor LTD’s consultants are experienced in the Food Safety Sector. We work with organisation who already have a food safety system in place but would like more advice and training


Training of your staff is very important to ensure standards are upheld and your workforce feels valued and motivated. We offer a wide range of training packages for businesses in the catering industry


Radford Chancellor LTD has a wealth of experience in the recruitment sector. We have worked with small cafes to large high-end restaurants to public sector schools.

Financial and Operational Performance

The Consultancy can provide detailed financial and operational analysis for new catering operations or exiting catering business.


Competitive Tendering

We provide a full management service for competitive tendering.

Catering Equipment Safety and Efficiency Audit

This audit assess the risk associated with catering assets and their environment.

Independent Expert Witness

Radford Chancellor LTD is experienced in acting as an Independent Expert Witness and an Independent Advisor for matters relating to catering

A Broad Skill set

Our catering consultants have a cross-sector of experience, which includes Michelin starred restaurants, International hotels, visitor and leisure attractions, offices and retail, catering equipment manufacturers, the oil, gas & mining industry. This enables relevant knowledge and approaches from one sector to be applied to another.

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